Las Vegas is known for quite a few things; bright neon lights, ample casinos, and incredible nightlife and entertainment are just a few examples. But in recent years, Las Vegas has become increasingly popular for one more thing: celebrities. Stars from the world over consider Sin City to be their playground, a place where they can burn their fortunes, relax and party in opulence, and go back to home or work the next day in Los Angeles with a minimum amount of traveling.


In Las Vegas you don’t plan your days is the city that plans you that’s why I personally never book an Hotel but if you are looking for that spot to rest after that G6 flight don’t worry your are just a few miles away from amenities like private pools, spas, additional dining options, and even bells and whistles like butlers, and in the case of MGM Grand’s over the top Mansion, the single most luxurious lodging in Las Vegas, unlimited complimentary transport around town in a fleet of new Rolls Royce Phantoms.


You know what’s fancier than simply guzzling artisan cocktails in a bar? GUZZLING ARTISAN COCKTAILS INSIDE A MASSIVE CHANDALIER. The Chandelier Bar in the Cosmopolitan is about as opulent a setting as you can get. Three storeys of bar housed in two million crystals make this the ultimate place to sit back and enjoy a quirky cocktail. Try the Verbena – bite into the Szechuan flower which floats atop it and feel the craziest mouth sensation ever. Trust me.


Restaurant Guy Savoy’s (say it Gee – Savoir) French fare in Caeser’s Palace is a far cry from the giant meals outside on the strip, with unforgettable flavour melting from every creative dish. Start in the restaurant’s exclusive cognac lounge and then go on to try the Soupe d’artichaut à la truffe noire (AKA artichoke and black truffle soup) followed by Fondant au Chocolat. The restaurant even purposely features no flowers or perfume worn by any waiting staff so as not to interrupt the scent of the dishes. This is a place that takes its food seriously.

Not high-end enough? Opt for a place on the exclusive chef’s table, where a tasting menu is paired with Krug’s champagnes and a prime view of the kitchen.



Fly direct from the end of the Vegas strip and land in the Grand Canyon in your own private helicopter with this superstar-style excursion.

Leaving the man-made glitz of the strip behind, and taking you right into the heart of the untouched Nevada desert, you’ll fly over the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Damn and land in your own private spot inside the Canyon. Naturally, once you’ve landed you’ll be served a champagne breakfast. Because they knew you were coming, obviously.


Spend your evening grazing on dim sum and gorgeously fragrant cocktails in Hakkasan’s high-end restaurant, and then make your way to the super luxe club to party with the likes of Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki and Tiesto.


Escape the craziness of Vegas in the most sophisticated way possible. At the high-end (and very un-Vegas) Mandarin Oriental, afternoon tea is served with class that seems surreal amongst the outside madness of the Strip. A dedicated tea lounge with distinguished tea menu and delicate pastries provide the ultimate pre-party chill out. Try the macha latte. It’s different and delicious.


Las Vegas is always a good idea! Planning on visiting it?


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