Mently: my new educational project

You know me, I’m a volcano when it comes to ideas and projects. In 2012 I started an app called iStudente for high school students. I was so passionated about it that I kept updating until 2016. The project growed exponentially to a point that in 2014 when I was 18 I won the first prize in  IOS development. I know that I could do much more, that’s why in 2017 I started Mently that will help simplify students, professors and tutors life much more.


Mently is a digital platform composed by 3 apps and relative web services. Every app is made with a custom design and touch based on the age of the user that will use it!


Student app will help students discover classes in their own universities. Every class can be accessed by Sapy users, every user can add posts and info to a course they are registered in.

Every student can access a tutor section where he can reserve one or more tutors depending on his/her needs or subjects. These are just 2 features of the many that will be available in the beta test.


The perfect app for tutors. A perfect calendar, scheduler and wallet app all in one. All the data you’ll need to find the student and his/her problems in a specific subjects. Notification enabled app to receive every info live.


This is big. Teachers can finally have the right spot on the net. Thanks to the simple user experience, Teachy can help a professor create his own landing page and create classes, see the students discussions and contact students with just a few clicks.


Wrapping it up

We are super exited to announce Mently and we will like to see you on board on our first private release.

You can apply HERE.

What you think about it?